Vrystaat Kunstefees & SITUATE Arts Lab in festival - R&D International Residency - Piko/Piad artist talk - Bloemfontein South Africa December 2016 - A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio)

While in Bloemfontein I was struck by the strong theme of “airwaves” that seemed to be prevalent in public space there. “Air-time” meaning internet credit or phone connection, street signs with “beware of remote-jamming” which I imagined to be singing cars, radios blaring, but is actually describing the act of interfering with electronic car keys. I decided I wanted to set up a new “air-time” in the city - a live broadcast to be occupied by local and international voices, coming together as an agoradio.
Holidays with my Silver Gelatin Ancestors + first chocolate record workshop Chocolalala - RIU ( Reframe Image Unconventionally) - Rimini Italy 2016 - Claudio Alcorso International Residency
This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts and the Claudio Alcorso Foundation International Residency program.
This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s regional arts program, the Regional Arts Fund, which gives all Australians, wherever they live, better access to opportunities to practice and experience the arts.
This Italian residency was part of a 4 months tour in Europe "Science of friction and geophonic processes" supported by the Tasmanian Quick Start grant.
Photo by Elisa Brandi & Federica Landi
Musical Mall Clock - Kings Bridge Cottage - Launceston 2016 - Arts Tasmania Residency - Junction Festival 2016 - Arts Tasmania Historic And Cultural Residency - This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.
SITUATE Arts Lab in festival context - 2016 - Salamanca Art Center - Tasmania - Kiss Club - blahin_projects with Tom Blake
Sweet Tribology - LABoral 2015 Spain - This project was assisted by Pozible crowdfunding and through Arts Tasmania ( Crowbar ) by the Minister for the Arts.
Ghost Track for ABC Soundproof RN Australia - Sound editing in Ina GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) Studio 116, Radio France, facilitated by Phonurgia Nova Award 2012, Paris, France - Photo Arjan Kok
Centre du Son 2008 - Radio Galetti Saint Maurice de Rotherens France
Festival Indisciplinaire 2008 Ile de Groix France