A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio)

A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio) is a participatory performance in public space taking place in July 2018 at Vrystaat Arts Festival in Bloemfontein, South Africa; supported by the Tasmanian Lab SITUATE Art in Festivals, PIAD (Programme for Innovation in Art-form Development), PAP (Public Art Projects) and Australia Council for the Arts (Emerging and Experimental Arts).

A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio) is a collective slow walk through the city with wind-up radios with balloons as antennas to create a cloud of transmission, a forest of voices in the radio wilderness. Participants will receive to their radios a live radio broadcast from local station Kovsie FM, featuring a script inspired by keywords seen in Bloemfontein’s streets and written in collaboration with writers from Tasmania and South Africa. Costume designer Pontsho Disela, who works in Bloemfontein selling “regal African fabric print accessories made for the modern woman who adores herself” will make conductive costumes with local wax fabric, cords and conductive material for the walkers to extend their balloon antennas reception and interfere with each other and electromagnetic fields in the city.



MAGNETIC POETRY : 10th of August 2017 - 10AM > 3PM
Let you guide by magnetic power to create content for a radio walk in South Africa.
With Rachel Edwards, Felicia Atkinson and Pip Stafford

TRANSMIT YOURSELF: 18th of August 2017 - 6PM > 8PM
Embody your creative writing with live feed with South African writers.
With Emesha Rudolph and Ace

Looking for diverse people over the age of 18 to submit creative writing in a collaboration with young writers in South Africa, based on the theme 'lost lover'.

Please register to [email protected] as limited seats are available.
FREE workshop at Moonah Art Center.
Bring your snacks and water.
I am currently developing a Radioactive Lost Lover Book in collaboration with publisher Thuthukani Ndlovu, on the following theme: "Lost Lover", inspired by advertisement keywords that are very present in the streets of Bloemfontein; accompanied by other words such as “ Financial Problems”, “Man Power”, "Penis Enlargement", 'Abortion, Safe, Pain Free, Same time", "Magic Ring", "Hips and Bums", “Pregnancy Problems”.

Thuthukani Ndlovu runs a blog called "Radioactive" where he publishes independent poetry anthologies and digital books via call-out to young writers. I will run Magnetic Poetry and Transmit Yourself workshops to collect creative writing from Tasmania. One workshop will happen in Tasmania and Bloemfontein at the same time to generate recorded live feed, verbal improvisation, text reading, open mic rap and collaborative exchange of ideas.

The Radioactive Lost Lover Book will be published online as well as limited print to be launch during Vrystaat Arts Festival in 2018. Some of the poems will be selected to be broadcasted by Kovsie FM during the street performance.

Printed books also will be distributed to libraries in South Africa and Tasmania after Vrystaat Arts Festival 2018 for lending and archiving.